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The Spanish oboist María Lindo and the Greek panist Giorgos Fragos met in 2015 in Berlin and recorded the songs Wesendonck Lieder by Richard Wagner adapted by them for English horn and piano. From that moment they formed a stable duo with the purpose of exploring and bringing to light the unknown repertoire for English horn and piano, as well as adapting other works for this formation.


As a duo they have performed on a wide range of stages in various cities such as Berlin, Leipzig and Madrid. His new repertoire "Songs without words" includes original works by French and Italian romantic composers as well as lieder adaptations by three great composers. Germans of this period, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Richard Wagner and Johannes Brahms.









Wesendonck Lieder I Richard Wagner


Fünf Lieder Op. 105 I Johannes Brahms


Divertissement Op.39 I Eugène Bozza Aria


I Eugène Bozza Lied I Eugène Bozza


Sonate I Paul Hindemith


Hommage à Bellini I Antonio Pasculli


Fantasia Due I Antonio Pasculli


Sonate in f I Carlo Yvon

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